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Everyone wishes to take a break from their usual routines in order to relax, recharge, and return with renewed energy. Now that the weather is warming up, how about we go outside and get some fresh air?

If you enjoy nature, outdoor acitivites, and animals, then horseback riding is the perfect escape cipf-es.org for you!



Millions of people around the world enjoy horseback riding. It is not only a wonderful way to spend time in nature, but it also has many mental and physical advantages. Studies show that working with horses can boost confidence and reduce stress, and riding a horse can strengthen your muscles and improve your balance.



Imagine doing this adventurous activity in Armenia’s spectacular scenery 😍

Lori Canyon Treks is a horseback riding company that offers scenic, cultural, and challenging trail rides through Lori Canyon, where riders can discover a heavenly slice of paradise.



You can choose the trail package that best meets your needs and the number of hours you want to spend on the trail. The packages include: a horse with all hiking accessories; escort service in Armenian, Russian, and English; a picinic lunch (for long-distance trails); and insurance.

You can find a special coupon to help you save money on the packages by Clicking Here.

Take care of your physical and mental health; this destination will undoubtedly improve them both. Enjoy!



Article by Nanor Hb


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  • https://www.realbuzz.com

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