Yerevan History Museum was founded in 1931. Since 2005, Yerevan History Museum has been established to the address 1/1 Argishti street, in the nearby territory of which, many years ago, the well-known fortress of Yerevan was situated. Yerevan History Museum together with Yerevan Municipality forms a sole architectural complex. Yerevan is one of those unique cities in the world where the cultural centre, the museum, in subjection of Municipality is in the same building. Naturally, it has its positive aspects. It opens an interesting perspective for the activities of the museum in political, republican and international spheres. More than 87,000 museum pieces are kept in Yerevan History Museum. They represent the material and spiritual culture from ancient times till our days. Collection of archaeology, ethnography, numismatics, fine arts, written records, photographs, etc. kept in the storage of the museum tell about the capital, the past and present of its people.


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