Urban endocrine dispensary of the Municipality of Yerevan was founded in 1999.Since 2005 the institution has been replenished with modern laboratory equipments, by means of which many endocrinological diseases are diagnosed and cured.The diagnostic, functional and biochemical laboratories are in function.Early disclosure of endocrinological diseases, confirmation of diagnostics and cure are done in the institution. Those are the general analysis of endocrinological diseases , hormonal, biochemical, urine (12 indices), trace elements, general blood analysis with leukoformula, coagulogramma, HbA1C, the microalbumin in urine etc.Both the registered patients and the patients from other medical institutions and the ones sent by a family doctor are diagnosed.
The dispensary is saturated with the cabinets for neuropathologist, ophthalmologist and cardiologist. There is also a cabinet for manipulation. Measuring of the doze of insulin of the patients who passed professional diagnostics has been done since 2009.Diabetic schools are organized three times a month. It’s an training program for patients and their relatives. The school is filled with literature and video films.Armenian diabetes and endocrinological associations act on the basis of urban endocrinological dispensary. The rates of morbidity, disability and mortality are studied every year.
Organizational, methodic control is set on the activity of the endocrine cabinets of the medical organizations of the city.
A register of the patients suffering with endocrine illnesses is made. is the ultimate business directory platform to search & find the best Hospitals in the Health Care sector in Armenia!

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