Yerjan Hrachya Ghaplanyan Drama Theater. The 2000-year-old Armenian theater was first marked by an expression of state care in the twentieth century, the most prominent expression of which is the Yerevan Drama Theater, founded in 1967 by one of the great directors, Hrachya Ghaplanyan, under the auspices of the Yerevan Municipality. Over the past fifty years, the theater has gained a large following in the motherland, in the former Soviet Union, and throughout the Armenian Diaspora. The theater had a large tour geography. He has participated in a number of famous Shakespeare festivals. Numerous articles և written impressions testify to the love and respect that Dramatic enjoys everywhere due to its new and unique stage aesthetics. The dramatic has long been in the center of attention of serious Armenian-foreign theatrical studies, to a large extent it measures the current state and development of the Armenian theater. Today the theater is named after its founder, Hrachya Ghaplanyan. This name is symbolic: the Dramatic continues its best traditions, enriching them with new stage discoveries. It is a play theater, more than a hundred plays have been performed on its stage, today there are twenty plays in the Dramatic play list.


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