Vardanants Medical Center is equipped with modern technology and highly qualified specialists. Here we provide a range of outpatient healthcare services.

The medical center was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing high-quality services to patients who have health insurance. But today, our services are also used on a commercial basis, as well as by more than 20,000 beneficiaries included in various state-funded programs. Every year we serve 50,000 patients, about 350 patients per day.

Vardanants Medical Center is located in downtown Yerevan, at the intersection of Khanjyan and Vardanants Streets. The center occupies three floors at the Cinema building, its total area is about 1,600 sq. m. In this building you can feel cozy and comfortable – both in the offices of specialists, and in the corridor, where a short wait can be brightened up with a cup of coffee.

The medical center also has a completely unique hall with a glass dome ceiling, and where it is convenient to hold scientific conferences, seminars, master classes, and important meetings.

The Vardanants team includes more than 80 experienced doctors in 24 medical specialties, including therapy, cardiology, neuropathology, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, and others. Our specialists have at their disposal the latest equipment manufactured from 2014 to 2018 by Toshiba and Siemens, the leading Japanese and European companies.

An electronic profile is established for each visitor of the medical center, and which stores all information about his/her health status.

All procedures at Vardanants Medical Center are carried out in accordance with international protocols and standards, and under the constant supervision of the quality service. All medical cases are monitored by the head of the department, the head of the clinic, or the medical director. All complicated cases are discussed by a council of doctors, in which foreign specialists can be involved.

When applying to Vardanants Medical Center, patients can expect the minimum time interval between the onset of symptoms and getting a diagnosis, as well as effective treatment, quick recovery, and competent management of the financial burden associated with full recovery.


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