Fast food restaurant in Yerevan

3 different lebanese shawurmas “chicken , pork , sujuk”
Big selection of lebanese “mana2ish” zaatar ,cheese , meat baked in the oven.
Burgers and sandwiches .


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  • Serouj Zaroukian

    9.0 / 10 Ratings

    I definitely recommend everyone to try TFC.evn

    Till now I have tried the following;
    – Shawarma Chicken Sandwich > which was very good, and yes it is a very close reminder to the Shawarma Chicken Sandwiches in Lebanon
    – Kafta with Cheese > Absolutely Perfect
    – Anjar Cheese > Perfect Again
    – Zaatar & Cheese > Delicious Zaatar mix, although a couple of time the cheese was too little in it
    – Cheese with Vegetables > Fresh & Tastey

    I have also order around 3 to 4 times till now. The delivery service in general is fast, with the weather in Armenia, it is normal I guess to arrive a little cold, am not sure if relevant delivery bags are being used though. And twice orders were missing items, first time the drinks which was fine (next order they sent 2 for Free), but the second time 2 sandwiches out of 5 were missing with the order.

    But overall, I wouldn’t consider any negative experience with them… and again I would highly recommend trying this restaurant.

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