Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts has 66 year-old history. Fundamental values were developed during the decades of its existence, which unite several generations of students and professors and distinguish its exclusive role in the development of Armenian culture. Until 1994, the Academy operated joint with the Institute of Performance: later it stood out as an independent institution. Nowadays the Academy of Fine Arts has 2 branches in Gyumri and Dilijan. Both academy and its 2 branches are equipped with needed studios, laboratories, computer centers (classroom). There is also a library and a gallery (exhibition hall) as well. It is given a great importance to the development of informational networks, and when necessary, high information technologies are used during the educational processes. The YSAFA mission is to prepare highly qualified specialists of different branches of Art. It offers the following the following fields of study: • Painting • Sculpture • Graphics • Theory of Art • Fashion modeling • Computer graphics The credit system is inlayed in the institution. The education is organized by the following programs: BA- 4 years MA- 2 years PhD- 3 years Academy’s one of the most important issues is to inspire and preach to new aesthetic ideas. The Academy prepares specialists not only for creative activity but also for innovations in the field of culture. YSAFA welcomes all the gifted individuals endowed with natural talent and dedication to art. As a result of educational changes, the Academy has recently increased its external communications and has taken measures to ensure student-professor mobility. Mobility is aimed to provide the students and the academy stuff a first-hand exposure to Europe’s educational and cultural heritage including democratic values and take advantages of it. For this purpose teacher-student exchange contracts have been signed with France, Germany, Latvia, Georgia, Russia and other countries’ universities of fine arts. The Academy does its best to stay attractive in the European educational area by its programs and high-quality education. Nowadays there are 15-18% international students (from Greece, Germany, Syria, USA, IRI, Georgia, Netherlands and RF). The Academy has 2 departments: fine arts, and design and decorative arts International students’ admission is held according to the procedures established by RA Government. The Academy arranges the core courses of major subjects (drawing, painting, sculpture, composition and lessons of Armenian and Russian) for international students. The successful students are admitted to the first year of the relevant department. The academy provides accommodation to needy students. Students, including Armenian foreign students, admitted by the State Order get scholarships. The Academy has tuition discount flexible policy for students in progress. Since 2009 the Academy is involved in 4 programs of TEMPUS project.


Branch 2:

  •  Gyumri
  • Painting, Sculpture and Decorative-applied Arts, Printmaking, Outfit Modeling, Arts and Humanities

Branch 3:

  • Dilijan
  • Carpet weaving, ornamental art, stylized textiles and outfit modeling.



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