Republic institute of reproductive health, perinatology, obstetrics and gynecology is a unique institution in the republic, which not only ensures the examination of high risk group pregnant women with pregnancy-connected diseases, the prevention of complications and the childbirth, but also provides therapeutic, organizational, methodical help to obstetrics institutions especially in regions, and accomplishes acute management through its rapid response brigades.

TRIORHPOG is one of those obstetrics institutions, which receives pregnants with any diseases and complications, connected to the pregnancy, women in labor and newborns, as well as patients with purulent septic obstetrical and gynecological diseases. The institution also provides services for pregnants, women in labor and patients with gynecological diseases from NagornoKarabakh and Javakhk.


The total number of medical staff is 345, which includes 85 doctors and 120 nurses.


All of the textbooks, monographs and guides published in Armenian have been written by TRIORHPOG’s workers. They also developed the law about “reproductive health” and “the national reproductive health improvement program”, many normative documents and programs.


The institution is the main base for Yerevan state medical university, which holds not only native, but also foreign students (India, Iran, Georgia, Syria, Lebanon, Russian Federation, etc.), who receive pre- and postgraduate education.

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