Questomania is a room quest – a new kind of intellectual entertainment in Yerevan.

The goal of our work is to give people emotions that are so lacking in everyday life. Quests in reality that we create for you are an original, rich and vibrant pastime in our city that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Quest (from the English “Quest – search”) is an interactive game with a storyline, which consists in solving various puzzles and logic tasks. It all started with popular online quests, now the so-called quests in reality are of increasing interest.
The main character in this game is you and your friends.

For a complete immersion in the plot, players are locked in a room where various puzzles, clues and objects are hidden. The goal is to complete a specific mission, find hidden objects and clues, complete tasks, solve riddles and puzzles, and get out of the room in one hour. Similar to Fort Boyard, but with little or no physical force.

Quest rooms are a great workout for intelligence and logic. In addition, the decorations and surroundings of our rooms will make you forget about the gray everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of your favorite films, books and adventure stories. Good mood and unforgettable impressions will be with you for a long time. Such adventures are great for bringing people together, and therefore are ideal for family vacations, team building and simple socializing with friends.

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