ANAU Yerjan High School (formerly SEUA Basic School) has been operating since 1994. Previously, it was a secondary educational institution subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, and in 2011, by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the base school was reorganized, merging with SEUA. Currently, 655 students study at ANAU Yerevan High School.

There are professional streams in the school with different educational programs. • Natural science and mathematics stream, which includes physics, mathematics, technology, economics and design sub-streams. So far, YSU Yerevan High School has produced many gifted graduates who continue their education in various higher education institutions. First of all, of course, at ANAU. Many of the graduates are involved in the fields of science, industry and high technologies of the republic. 60 of them are candidates of physical and mathematical sciences.

ANAU Yerjan High School provides high quality educational services thanks to its dedicated teachers, many of whom are members of ANAU faculty. One of the important results of their work is the awards given annually by the President of the Republic of Armenia to the best students of the school, as well as the numerous awards and diplomas brought from international and national Olympiads.

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