In 1920 the People’s Commissariat of Justice was organized by the Revolutionary Committee of the Armenian SSR. Acted on December 29, 1923, the charter of activity is adopted by the presidency of the Armenian SSR. The prosecutor’s office was attached, ժ the People’s Committee of Justice was at the same time the prosecutor of the republic. On January 31, 1930, the People’s Commissariat was abolished and re-established on January 5, 1933.

During that period, the tasks of the People’s Commissariat of Justice were performed by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Armenian SSR and the Supreme Court. In 1936, the prosecutorial-investigative bodies were separated from the People’s Commissariat of Justice, and the People’s Commissariat was reorganized as the Ministry of Justice. Operated until 1959. Until 1970, its functions were carried out by the Supreme Court of the Armenian SSR, the Legal Commission under the Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR.

According to the decree of the Presidency of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR of November 2, 1970, the Ministry of Justice of the Armenian SSR, whose tasks were: coordination of existing legislation.

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