“Kanaker-Zeytun” MC” CJSC was established in 2003 on the basis of “The 8th medical association” CJSC. “The 8th medical association” was the first health institution of Zeytun district. In 2003 according to the decision of the parliament of RA, “Kanaker-Zeytun” MC” CJSC was formed which included the polyclinic “Zeytun” and the children’s polyclinic “Arabkir”, the Hygiene and Professional Diseases Scientific Research Institute. 334 doctors, 491 paramedical staff work in “Kanaker-Zeytun” MC”. 5 of the employees of the centre are Doctors of medical science, 20 of the employees are Candidates of medical science, 3 of them are Candidates of biological science, 1 is a Candidate of technical science. The centre is the clinical base of education of the students of YSMU and Health National Institute. 3 polyclinics, hospital complex, maternity hospital are here.

The departments of therapy, endocrinology, neuropathology, general surgery and proctology, maxillofacial surgery, plastic reconstructive and microsurgery, ENT diseases, gynecology, ophthalmology, traumotology, anesthesiology and rehabilitation, the centre of urology and andrology, maternity hospital are included in the hospital complex (totally 272 beds).

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