The Maternity Hospital “Kanaker-Zeytun” subordinated to Yerevan Municipality was founded in the 1950s.  At the beginning it was part of the 8th medical association and was known to the population as the 8th maternity hospital and up to now it is the only state medical establishment in the capital providing obstetrics and gynecologic services for the residents of Kanaker-Zeytun and Arabkir administrative districts.

In 2016-2017 the maternity hospital was completely renovated, upgraded and repaired by Yerevan Municipality.

In May 3, 2017 the maternity hospital was re-opened solemnly and today it functions as an independent medical institution of III level.

Thanks to the professionalism of highly qualified specialists, skilled and caring mid-level medical staff, the maternity hospital provides a 24-hour obstetric-gynecological and neonatal high-level medical care service. These in turn is facilitated by the round the clock laboratory and functional diagnosis, anesthesiology and resuscitation, consultation of all specialists.

The maternity hospital has the following departments:

•    Department of high-risk pregnancy
•    Maternity department
•    Postpartum department
•    Neonatology services
•    Gynecology department
•    Anesthesiology and resuscitation department
•    Department of laboratory diagnostics

Maternity hospital has a modern ventilation system and its own boiler room, which provides the necessary heat regimes for both women in labour and newborns during the cold months of the year. The hospital has its own oxygen station from which it gets a centralized supply of oxygen.

The wards of the maternity hospital are designed for 2 or 3 persons: they are bright, beautiful, comfortably furnished. The wards have their own bathroom with constant hot and cold water and all these are provided exclusively for free of charge.

There are also one-bedroom and two-bedroom chargeable wards.  The maternity hospital is located in the green zone, which enables pregnant women at high risk pregnancy department to make an evening walk with their relatives if there are no contraindications.

One of the advantages of the maternity hospital is that it is located in the common area of 2 large multi-profile hosipatls and Hematology Center, and on a contractual basis, in case of severe necessity, it has the opportunity to make use of the full potential of those hospitals.

Today the Maternity hospital “Kanaker-Zeytun” is one of the most unique, modern and competetive medical centers of the capital.



Director-K. G. Kutoyan
Deputy Director of Medical Affairs – N.V. Danielbek
Head of High Risk Department –  N.G. Chobanyan
Head of Postpartum Department – A.A. Khachatryan
Head of Anesthesiology Department – V.H. Shishmanyan
Head of Newborn Intensive Care and Resuscitation Department – S.Y. Hakobyan



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