Every meeting with book is like kind, sweet memories from the childhood. You feel safe in the comfortable and warm lap of the book. Dear reader, our library is just that cozy corner for you. The theater is a theater with its audience and so the library is library with its readers. For more than eight decades in the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan it have been formed rich traditions, and I must mention that we have managed to replenish the library with modern high technological equipments. Besides our library fund, our readers can use free WiFi service, use online library, books, databases and so on. We are convinced that the automation of library functions will make the connection between reader-book-library closer, facilitating the reader’s informative searching and in this swift world saving his precious time. At the same time Isahakyan library is a meeting place, cultural corner for literary discussions. Organizing various events, we try to make the reader’s life more interesting and based on this the young generation will pay attention to the literature, classical (printed) and online books, and to the culture of visiting library. Visiting the library you can purchase modern Kindle E-readers, due to which you can read your favorite book. But let us do not forget the pleasure of reading it not in online version. The aim of Isahakyan website is to provide comprehensive information to the reader, to familiarize with library functions and to inform about important memorable events existing in the library. During library events, the theme of the formation of nationalism, preservation of the nation, the continuity of national traditions, the importance of the book and the role of the writer are always discussed. In the library it is summed up many instants from treasuries of Armenian nation, culture and world history. A Huge history lives in the bookshelves…. Dear reader, We are waiting for your next visit. The library and website is under your disposal.


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