Hayrik Restaurant in Seven Visions Resort & Places, The Dvin is a restaurant of Armenian cuisine in the author’s interpretation with elements of fusion and modern gastronomic trends. Our chefs skillfully mix different styles and directions of cooking to get a masterpiece and give guests a new gourmet experience.”Hayrik” translates from Armenian as “Father”. This word contains the basics, values and concept of the restaurant. We carefully preserve the heritage and pass on from generation to generation respect for culture and customs, creating our own interpretations of ancient recipes.

The interior of the restaurant gives you a sense of home care, warmth and comfort. Luxurious tables, sparkling chandeliers and dishes create conviviality, and soft light creates an intimate atmosphere. There are panels with national ornaments on the walls, the inscription of the word “Father” in many languages and barrels of Ararat cognac, each barrel you can purchase — so your personal reserve of a sunny drink will remain in the restaurant, which is pleasant to drink yourself and treat friends. In the evenings, the musicians create a soulful mood with an Armenian flavour.

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