The Artashes Shahinyan Special School of Physics and Mathematics at Yerjan State University was founded in 1965. On the direct initiative of academician A. Shahinyan.
The school, being the only one of its kind in the country, has been faithful to its mission for about 50 years.
14-01-2015 The results of the National School Ranking System of the Republic of Armenia in 2014 were summarized, as a result of which PhysMath School took the first honorable place in the top three of the best schools in Armenia.
2015-2016 A four-way memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, VivaCell-MTS, Synopsys Armenia and Unicomp, with the aim of creating “Microelectronics”, “Fundamentals of Telecommunications”, “Information Technologies” subjects envisaged by the educational program.
The school has come up with many initiatives over the years. 1994 When the Armenian people were in difficult socio-economic conditions, when the Armenian people were in difficult socio-economic conditions, when science and education were pushed to the background, YSU. After A. Shahinyan PhysMath boarding secondary school came up with a new initiative. To organize an annual scientific-methodological conference of Yerevan mathematics and physics teachers.
During these years, the conference not only survived, but also expanded its activities, involving teachers from the regions.
The conference was chaired by well-known scientists and pedagogues of the republic, such as Academician E. Ghazaryan, Professor H. Yeritsyan, FMGs F. Melik-Adamyan, A. Vagharshakyan, O. Mikayelyan, E. Yuzbashyan. R. Martirosyan.
The conference was organized in two groups: mathematics and physics. Many of the interesting and valuable reports read have been published in various scientific and methodological journals. 2003 The 10th anniversary scientific conference was combined with the creation of a corner by the school’s founding academician Artashes Shahinyan, which opened at the school’s aesthetic education center.
Our school has chairs of mathematics, physics and informatics.
The experienced specialists of the school lead the method-associations: Armenian language and embrace, Russian language and foreign languages, history and geography, chemistry and biology. The school has a rich material and technical base. Ayb Educational Foundation opened a chemistry school named after Benhur Pakhchanyan at the school. Modern physics training laboratories. Informatics lessons are held in 4 classrooms equipped with computers and projectors, which are provided with internet connection. The “School Center” has a touch board, thanks to which electronic courses in various subjects are conducted. The school pays great attention not only to the mental activity of the students but also to the problems of their mental and physical health. Big tennis courts basketball and volleyball court help to implement the above programs. The school also has a psychological room.

The school has a rich artistic and professional library, a dormitory building, a canteen, a banquet hall, where intellectual competitions-games, other pleasant events are often organized, in which the school aesthetic center contributes. The constant work and efforts of the directorate, all school chairs, method associations, laboratories, cabinets, library, as well as the aesthetic education center, the whole pedagogical staff are aimed at increasing the efficiency of educational work.

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