“Eltaroz-Rozelita” educational institutions were founded by Mardoyan family in 1993.


Mr. and Mrs. Mardoyans and their elder daughter Elen Mardoyan had thought over the idea of ​​establishing a private kindergarten and school for a very long time. Thus, this family invested all the efforts, perseverance and hard work to reach the embodiment of that great project.


Mardoyans visited the U.S. and many European countries, investigated and studied their experience and after combining them with Armenian traditional methods of education, achieved high and successful results.

Initially, in 1993, they founded “Eltaros” kindergarten in 8 D. Demirchyan str., then, during the spring of 2002,  its  second branch was established in 44/3 Tigran Mets str., whereas in the fall of 2002, after a two-year great construction work, the new two-storey building was opened in the territory  of the kindergarten in 8 D. Demirchyan street.  And in 2009, “Rozelita” elementary school was founded in 3 Alikhanyan street.


Currently, all kindergartens’ construction solutions, internal conditions, decor and playgrounds in compliance with the relevant age groups of children fully correspond to European high standards.

These educational centers employ only the most profesional service personnel, the best teachers and pedagogs,  who  do not spare any efforts for children’s  ideal education and upbringing .  All these are evident from open classes, concerts and celebrations. 

Due to the annual investments, caring, attentive and considerate work of Mardoyan family all educational centers guarantee only high quality which inspire confidence for many years.

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