The Cross Health Centerhas been founded in 1992 for elimination of consequences of an earthquake, within the project of the Armenian Society of the Red Cross and the international federation of Red Crescent.Probably it is the only rehabilitation center, both in Armenia, and in the CIS countries and the Middle East.At the foundation of the center 26 countries and 6 Member Governments of the Red Cross and Red Crescent were attended.During the activity about 10 000 patients from Armenia, the CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East were treated and have restored the health in our Center.So on an annual basis in the center 900-1000 people with damage of the musculature device, the 280th veterans, 5 refugees, 526 representatives of socially unprotected groups receive treatment. Also dispensary visits of the house of the registered patients with injuries of a spinal cord and backbone are carried out, providing them medical care and a research.In addition to the general and spinal rehabilitation, patients are given an opportunity to do different sports. The sports complex of the center gives classes in basketball, volleyball, aerobics, table tennis and swimming.Chamber chorus “Paros” and another, basketball team Cilicia created from patients of the center. In various countries regularly participate in the charity concerts and competitions organized for physically disabled people. Concerts and occupations enrich cultural and social life of patients with spinal injuries, helping them to feel like full-fledged members of society. And even more people get rehabilitation in our center. First of all we can say that is due of our work that people trust us .The General Director of  Cross Health Center is experienced doctor c.m.s. Aleksandr Mnatsakanyan.

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