ConnectTo Communications was specifically created to change the way you communicate. In a world that is becoming increasingly “connected,” managing the flow of information through voice mail, e-mail, the fax machine, and telephone has become increasingly burdensome, complicated and prohibitively time-consuming. Through its proprietary cutting-edge technology, ConnectTo consolidates all of these message types into a single interface, and provides a complete solution for managing your communications anytime, anywhere in the world. As an innovator in this dynamic high-technology industry, ConnectTo has realized its vision of becoming the complete Internet Communications Services Provider. Not only do you get the very best in communications services at ConnectTo, but at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional telephone companies. ConnectTo offers a comprehensive range of communications solutions, servicing Middle Eastern, Central and Eastern Europeans residing in the United States.
ConnectTo offers the most competitive rates at the highest quality possible. We focus on niche markets and are responsive to their needs. Our customer service department is there to assist customers and potential customers with any communications questions 24 x 7 x 365 in our customers’ native languages.
From day one, we’ve focused on serving and assisting our niche markets. We even have live customer service on TV to illustrate that we’re not going anywhere.
We are actively involved in local community benefits and events, showing our support. Our goal is to take good care of our customers. Our aim is to be the single point of contact for all of your communications needs!
The leader in cutting-edge communications technology, free services, incomparable rates, tremendous cost savings.

By using ConnectTo, you get the very best!


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