Congés Life is an homage to lovers and lineage. Each piece is made with the highest attention to quality and detail. Respecting all materials, Congés only sources its precious metals, jewels, and stones from those who have a genuine love and passion for what they do. A sustainable company, Congés only uses genuine and conflict-free diamonds as well as 100% recycled pure gold.

Inspired by the wisdom and sacredness of the Ancients, the Congés designer, Jasmine Hasmig Penna, pays tribute to her ancestry and her jewelry expresses a deep love that calls to be heard, seen and felt. Jasmine appreciates the unique beauty and value of each precious stone, jewel, and crystal leaving most of them in their natural state.

The designer of Congés Life believes that our true nature is energy. The jewels and stones call to her and share their gifts and energy with those who will eventually find them. She believes that we activate our world and reality through the power of thought. We can use the power and energy of her jewelry to help bring about well-being, vitality, and insight. These precious metals, jewels, and stones tell stories and hold the energy of those who have been their custodians as they exchange hands.

Congés embraces creative freedom and collective oneness through the use and expression of raw untreated stones and crystals


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