Ayb School is a new learning environment, where unique educational technologies are developed on a national basis, the highest achievements of modern education are tested, in order to increase the competitiveness of Armenian education. The goal of “Ayb” school is to become a model of the Armenian school of the 21st century, its mission is to form generations of educated, virtuous, belonging young people with a sense of responsibility.

Ayb School serves as a unique laboratory for developing the best teaching and learning technologies, methodology and experience, and creating educational systems. These technologies, methods and systems are then spread throughout the country’s education system, contributing to the competitiveness of Armenian education.

Ayb School (Ayb Educational Center) is one of the most important and large-scale programs of Ayb Foundation . It is the first school district in Armenia, each element of which has an educational content, promotes the formation of an educated, competitive, virtuous generation. “Ayb” educational center is an environment of the educated community, where pedagogy, science, art, business and other spheres of public life intersect. We strive to make a real connection between the leading directions of life development and education  not to limit the learning process only to the transfer of knowledge.

The unique architectural solutions of Ayb Educational Complex are the result of the joint work of Armenian architects , leading specialists and scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The architectural design took into account the current developments in school construction and world experience. “Ayb” node is a unique small settlement with all its infrastructures: school, science and technology center, fab club, church and community center, kindergarten, sports complex, dormitories, green areas, etc. It occupies 6.95 hectares of land in the Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan, Tbilisi highway. 11/11. The unit is designed for 800 students and has a three-tier system: elementary (grades 1-4), middle (grades 5-9) and high schools (grades 10-12).

The key component of the Ayb educational hub is the school. We see the school not only as an institution that imparts knowledge and skills, but also in a broader ontological context. School is the most basic concept in public life. The person is formed in the school as a member of the society, as a bearer of a certain general consciousness, the school is the node of the transfer of the heritage of the given people, of the universal achievements.

Today “Ayb” elementary, middle and high schools operate (with a total area of ​​8300 square meters) , equipped with modern educational technologies and laboratories, with beautiful and comfortable building conditions for education. “Ayb” educational hub will develop in the next few years with the construction and operation of new components. The architectural project and the general plan of the whole educational settlement have already been approved by “Storaket” architectural studio. In 2017, a new building C was opened .

A fablab, a workshop-laboratory set up by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , was opened next to the school , where students apply the theory in practice. The construction of the community  Holy Translators Church Ani  community center continues. In the next stage, the program of building a new high school (with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters) will be launched, which will have more powerful educational, scientific, sports conditions and opportunities. Then it will be the turn of building a new elementary school (about 6000 square meters). And today’s buildings will serve the high school in the future. At the same time, the concept of the Science-Technology Center-Museum program is being supplemented, the negotiations with the sponsors are underway.

Ayb School was opened in 2011 by the Ayb Educational Foundation with the financial support of hundreds of benefactors united around the idea of ​​education. Ayb School is a foundation (officially named Ayb Educational Hub Foundation) and a non-governmental organization. The school is run by a board of trustees and has no owners or shareholders. Ayb High School is the first non-governmental social program in Armenia, and about 70% of students receive a scholarship (tuition reimbursement) each year.

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