The policy of Astghik medical center is mainly directed towards the German technologies and healthcare standards. Our objective is the formulation of new and more developed medical services’ system.

At present our center cooperates with the leading clinics of Germany and is ready to organize every kind of medical treatment with the participation of specialists invited from abroad.

Astghik medical center already takes measures to provide complex medical services, the kind that had been unavailable in RA, now will become possible in Astghik medical center.

Astghik Medical Center, as the successor of the Malatia clinic, despite its commanding age of half a century, now presents itself in a new way and takes measures to move with the modern times. Ahead of its 50th anniversary, Malatiaclinicpresents itself as asuper modern, multiprofile center in accordance with European standards and now with a new name,Astghik, in honor of the mother of the center’s owner, Samvel Aleksanyan.

In 2010 “Natali Pharm”LLC obtained Malatiya clinic in a quite forlorn state, with only 400 people working there. The center’s management was faced with the goal of creating a super modern, multiprofilemedical center without stopping the ongoing working processes and by maintaining the existing vacancies.

The ongoing services of the clinic were concentrated in the three storey building of the former maternity home. The latter was renovated and equipped with the necessary technology.

In 2012,according to the project of German architects, the process of building the medical center of Astghik began; about €30 million investment was made due to which the center was filled with modern and powerful medical equipment. Most of them are unique not only in our Republic but also in the whole region.

Now the center has got 22 divisions instead of the former 5. In 2016 their number will reach 27. Currently the center has more than 700 working places the number of which is planned to increase till 1200.

Astghik medical center is a unique medical center corresponding to international standards. The latter refers to everything; including ventilation, oxygen system, the up-keeping of operation theatres, lightning, security as well as a nurses’ call system.

The medical center has a centralized oxygen delivery system, 15 operation theatres each of which has its own ventilation system. Moreover, the air coming into the operation room is being cleared by its own system providing 95.5 percent decontamination.

Astghik medical center has professional medical personnel who actively cooperate with the leading clinics of Russian Federation, Europe and the USA. The personnel also regularly train in order to raise their qualifications in the aforementioned places.

The center actively cooperates with the medical centers of other regions in RA, not only by organizing their charity visits but also participatingin seminars, conferences and conducting exchanges of experience.

Even with that being the case, the price policy of the medical center has not changed. The services provided in our center remain at the same level as before which is lower than the average.

Astghik medical center is a breath of fresh air in Armenia’s health care system…

As the director of our center,AsaturAsatryan notes, Asgthik is a high benchmark for RA health care system.


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