The idea for Armenian Enough came from a conversation I had with a friend, where we were talking about all kinds of things that fall under the general umbrella of LIFE. However, there was an additional layer of examination, an all-too-familiar one for people who belong to two or more cultures: what did this mean as an Armenian? (A variant of WWJD?) And when I pointed that out, she suggested I host a talk-show of some kind on the topic. Eventually, that morphed into a podcast idea. We discussed whether it should be in Armenian and English. I wasn’t sure my Armenian was up to par or whether we would reach our target audience (i.e., people like us). She said, “Well, you’re not Armenian Armenian!” and I said, “Yeah, but I’m Armenian enough!” Immediately, I knew I wanted that to be the name of the podcast.

Armenian Enough. What does it mean to be Armenian enough? Who gets to decide the degree to which we are allowed to claim our heritage? How does belonging to two (or more) cultures affect our experiences, our world view, and our most intimate relationships?

These are the topics I want to explore through the podcast. Audience engagement is of paramount importance and I expect the show will be shaped by the input I receive and by how our ideas grow and branch out. I’m excited. I’m a little nervous. I’m writing this a few months before our official launch. My goal, outside of self-expression and discovery is that the podcast becomes a place where diaspora Armenians can find a true community where we are understood and embraced in every aspect — to finally feel at home.


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