Aregnazan ”educational complex is the first and only Waldorf school in Armenia. However, despite the general methodology, Waldorf schools may differ in part not only in objective criteria, such as material wealth (which is incomparably developed in Western countries) or experience (Eastern European schools are much younger than Western ones), but also in style and individual characteristics. That is why here we will try to show how Waldorf pedagogy is applied especially in our school.

Harmonious development is the main principle of Waldorf pedagogy, which aims to develop the various characteristics and human qualities of the child as proportionately as possible and in accordance with the age psychological characteristics. Thus, elementary school in our country is mainly considered as a period of formation of character and deep personal, including moral qualities. In middle school, the emphasis is mainly on aesthetic and social development, wealth of inner life, art, creativity.

The development of mental abilities and knowledge are in the focus of high school. Such an approach, which is not so common for people who graduated from the former Soviet school, fully justifies itself, as it gives the child a wider opportunity for development than the generally accepted pedagogical approaches.


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