Aragil means Stork in Armenian language. A bird that has no claims, but always selects the highest and best places to build its nest. In all the stories and legends that we have heard, Aragil has always been a messenger. Today Aragil is proud to announce and offer the most modern and professional approaches of marketing and online advertising.
Aragil has managed various internet marketing projects around the world and has different branches in Iran, Armenia and Northern America. Aragil’s main concentration areas on website design and internet marketing projects are new online marketing methods, specially marketing in social networks (such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram and etc.), SEO, marketing through online videos and marketing through creating contents.
Aragil’s specialists are members of international internet marketing conferences and have international certificates in this field, are from world’s different locations and due to modern work methodologies, although being scattered physically, are virtually concentrated and focused and use existing potential resources and privileges in different countries for their projects’ growth and improvements.
Aragil is in touch with world’s major companies and brands and stands beside them as a consultant in internet marketing and helps them fly higher over the virtual world and find the best nest in this field. One of these largest and best known companies is SubmitExpress, which is the first company in the world in the context of SEO and internet marketing.


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