“Arabkir” Joint Medical Center – Institute of Child and Adolescent Health (Arabkir JMC) is the largest pediatric structure in Armenia, which realizes large-scale medical activities. We provide medical services, including prevention, diagnostics and treatment of different child diseases, follow-up services for children with chronic urological and surgical, gastroenterological problems as well as with bronchial asthma, epilepsy, diabetes and hepatology, nephrology, endocrinology-related diseases, psycho-social and rehabilitation services.

We also provide services for emergency cases and a number of services for adults in the fields of urology and general surgery, nephrology and kidney transplantation, laboratory diagnostics. As a multidisciplinary medical structure, Arabkir JMC provides medical assistance and care to thousands of children every year. The experts are experienced, talented professionals, who are regularly trained in Armenia and abroad. They provide quality services with compassion upon our little patients. With the support of donors and partners Arabkir JMC has modern equipment for providing medical services and diagnostics.

Arabkir JMC provides several rehabilitation services in the regions of Armenia providing the children in the Regions with an access to the medical care and assistance and bringing its medical expertise to you. Our Child Development and Rehabilitation Centers function in Armavir, Gavar, Artashat, Ijevan towns. You are welcome to the Centers in Regions from Monday-Friday from 9.00-16.45.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health, to prevent diseases,  early identify and treat development and health problems in children and adolescents.


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