The Anania Shirakatsi Lyceum in Yerevan was established in 1990. as an institution for identifying gifted children, organizing their education, as well as giftedness. Its charter (regulation) was approved by the Ministry of Lighting, agreed with the Ministries of Finance, Health, Transport and Communications, and the previous interim charter was agreed with the government.

1997 By the order of the RA Minister of Education and Science, the seminary was reorganized into a scientific-educational complex.

This new status allowed the creation of junior high schools, such as preschools, based on the expediency of starting research on giftedness from an early age.

The Nor Nork district administration of Yerevan has donated to the Djemaran the building of the liquidated nursery-kindergarten located in the 5th block of the community, in the territory of which the preschool of the lyceum and the primary school now operate.

According to the decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (N555, September 3, 1999), the building of the “Fairy Tale” camp in the village of Hankavan was provided to the educational complex to organize the summer training and rest of the students and staff. The decision particularly says: “In order to organize the education and rest of the gifted children, to hand over the” Fairy Tale “camp of Hankavan village of Kotayk region to the directorate of the RA Ministry of Education and Science to invest it in the statutory capital of” Yerevan Anania Shirakatsi Lyceum-Scientific-Educational Complex “State Closed Joint-Stock Company.”

in 2011 By the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia (N 1080-S, 04.08.2011) the primary, secondary and high schools of the Lyceum were reorganized into a complete educational complex, which opened wide prospects for the progress of the Lyceum.

The Lyceum implements the author’s program for studying the issues of giftedness in organizing the education of gifted children (registered with the National Copyright Agency, No. 7/13, March 1, 2002).

The mission of the Lyceum is to create a true intellectual, a citizen who carries universal values ​​based on national values.

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