On a spring day in 1925, the architect Alexander Tamanyan visited Spendiaryan. He brought with him the master plan of a residential house projected by architect Nichoghayos Buniatyan, which was being constructed at intersection of Tumanyan and Nalbandyan Streets. In this house, they decided one apartment would accommodate a musical composer and after great contemplation, they finally marked one of the squares. The apartment should look towards Ararat. From 1926 to 1928, Alexander Spendiaryan lived and worked out of this apartment. On November 25,1967, thanks to the efforts of the composer’s daughter, Marina Spendiarova, a museum was opened there from the remnants of his house. It is the first musical memorial museum in Armenia. The sounds of Spendiaryan’s music accompany visitors as they are exposed to relics which creatively tell the story of his legacy. The collection includes the composer’s personal items, documents, letters and manuscripts. Visitors can hear Spendiaryan’s pieces there. They will play the “Spendiarophone,” will become the heroes of his “Almast” opera. Additionally, by participating in an interactive game called “Virtual conductor,” they can conduct their own symphony orchestra.


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