Achajour has its own standards: to serve exceptionally fresh, home-produced and natural food, prepared by the staff, as well as to bring the pollution of the environment to minimum possible extent.
The idea of having fresh food of high quality is more important than “we always have everything”. So if we can not provide You with anything at the moment, please be informed that the only reason for that is our desire to serve solely fresh food.
The first and open air Achajour Café opened in 2009 at Lovers’ Park Yerevan, aimed to partially cover the expenses of the park’s maintenance. Therefore, we can say that Achajour became one of the first social enterprises implemented in Armenia.

Throughout the years, for many people Achajour Café has become a very important part of their everyday Yerevan life.Trying to keep it functioning during the winter as well, starting from 2010 a small part of Achajour Lovers’ Park has been covered and heated for a period of December-March.

Years later it was decided to open Achajour Café also outside the park. This is how another cozy corner was originated next to the Opera(Freedom) Square on Parpetsi street by the end of 2013. The main kitchen now is located at Achajour Parpetsi and the whole management of the cafes is being run here as well.

One of our most unique aspects is the dynamism of the menu. The development of new items in the menu very often is happening as a result of conversations with our customers and taking into consideration their preferences.

Every single dish including types of breads are made at our kitchen.

Our team established throughout these years consists of wonderful professionals, who would do everything to meet the most whimsy desires of our visitors.

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