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Armenia is a country that’s very rich with beautiful natural scenery, and month of June can be considered the most suitable month of the year for tourism!

The weather around that time of the month makes all touristic destinations more enjoyable.

In June, days are longer, balmy and dry. With brilliant blue skies and green landscapes creating an idyllic setting for walks, kite flying and water sports on Lake Sevan.

When in Sevan, don’t forget to visit Noy Land Resort and enjoy the resort’s astonishing outdoor view overlooking our beautiful lake Sevan

Noy Land Resort located on the shore of the lake Sevan will have an absolutely unique effect on you with its picturesque scenery, fresh air and of course fascinating lake. Noy Land has 34 cottages and 12 hotel rooms of different categories

Noy Land Facilities: 24-hour security, daily cleaning, free parking, room service, sauna, horse riding, SPA, swimming pool, table tennis, restaurant, bar, lounge-bar, café and a luxurious conference hall.

Summer season is a fantastic time for outdoor recreation in Lake Sevan, your holiday will be unforgettable at Noy Land.

A trip to Armenia in June 2024 can surely become one of the most unforgettable events of your life, thanks to the hospitality, warm atmosphere, wonderful nature and beautiful weather of our sunny country.

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