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Winter in Yerevan is wonderful. One of the best experiences one can take away from winter in our amazing Capital is ice-skating. Indoor and outdoor ice rinks are perfect spots not only for professional figure skaters, but also for the beginners and especially for children.

Currently, there are 3 skating rinks in Yerevan, one of which is located in Winter Park. There are always many visitors here that come with families, children to spend a wonderful time. Next to the rink, there is a café where you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea after along skating.

Swan Lake is located in the center of the city, near the Liberty Square, which turns into a white skating rink in winter months and waits for its many visitors, couples, adolescents, young people and all those who have decided to enjoy this winter sports with friends under the Yerevan’s colorful lights.

The third skating rink in Yerevan is the Ice arena named after Irina Rodnina. There is a sports school here named after the world’s Figure Skating World Champion. This rink is visited by fans of figure skating and windsurfing. This is the only skating rink that is open throughout the whole year.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the most favorite winter leisure activity in Yerevan for the locals and tourists !

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