“YEREVAN CITY” SUPERMARKET CHAIN was founded in 2007. “Yerevan city” on the Rubinyants St., 15/5, was the first shopping center in Erevan.

The great interest in a high quality of service generated interest for opening the second, third and eventually the 24 supermarkets “Erevan city. The main principles of our work are quality service and variety of offers.

“Yerevan City” is the largest supermarket chain in Yerevan. All facilities are presented in the shops for unimpeded movement of the customers. The vast area allows clients not interfere each other while shopping even оn holidays. Fresh prepared khinkali, french bakery, cakes, salads, armenian traditional lavash. You can buy seafood, fresh meat, dairy products, the largest assortment of sausages and other products from “Yerevan City”. There is also a bakery products’ delivery service.

Getting to the checkouts is comfortable even with large carts. There are also separate “express” checkouts, too. The availability of separate sectors simplifies the process of choice. Customers are offered more than a dozen different products, and they make a decision associated not only with the brand, but with a price. There аre no fixed prices. On the contrary, there is constantly changing, flexible system of prices. “Half price”, which operates during the day for different products, surprises our clients. You can find an information about new competitions and other unprecedented actions on our official website and in pages on Facebook and Instagram. Our “Bonus Club” already has several thousand members. That number includes our “Loyal” clients who occupy their pride of place. In the relevant section of the website find an information about privileges of our “Loyal Customers”.

Our success is in the satisfaction of our customers. Principles of our work – only fresh, only high-quality, affordable price, varied assortment and all this around the clock.We have no days off, we have rest during our work. /Our rest is our work/. “Yerevan City” – Your satisfaction is our guarantee of success.


Branch 1:

  • 15th District, Shirazi St., 20/80 Building

Branch 2:

  • 1 Arno Babajanyan St., 48 Building

Branch 3:

  • Khaghagh Doni St., 13 Building

Branch 4:

  • Sarkavag st. 141/5

Branch 5:

  • Vahram Papazyan St, Yerevan, 8 Building

Branch 6:

  • Raffi St. 55/1

Branch 7:

  • Tigran Metz street 37/1

Branch 8:

  • 1 Komitas Ave, Yerevan 0033, Armenia

Branch 9:

  • Jrvezh, Banavan District, 19 Building

Branch 10:

  • Khorenatsi St. 28/2

Branch 11:

  • Bagratunyats St., 5/3 Building

Branch 12:

  • Dalma Garden Mall, 1-st floor

Branch 13:

  • 18 Erebuni St, Yerevan 0041, Armenia

Branch 14:

  • 16 Gai Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

Branch 15:

  • Hovhannisyan District, 24/7 Building

Branch 16:

  • Komitas Ave., 46 Building

Branch 17:

  • Garegin Nzhdeh St., 13 Building

Branch 18:

  • 24 Ohanov St, Yerevan 0034, Armenia

Branch 19:

  • Sebastiai St., 141/5 Building

Branch 20:

  • 10 Tigran Mets Ave, Yerevan 0010, Armenia

Branch 21:

  • Komitas Ave., 60/2 Building

Branch 22:

  • Tigran Petrosyan St., 25/5

Branch 23:

  • Rubinyants St., 15/5 Building



  • Hanna

    1.3 / 10 Ratings

    awful customer service,rude staff, very unhelpful,refused a refund with valid receipt for defective electrict item.

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