Satisfying requirements of health of the population, to be the leader in republic in providing high-quality medical aid, applying modern achievements in the field of public health services, supporting professional retraining of young experts, raising a role of the medical worker in a society.

Medical Center Sourb Astvatsamayr is one of the biggest medical centers in Yerevan providing highly qualified medical aid to the population of the capital and that of the nearest and farthest marzes.

On the basis of the Medical Center the Children’s Clinical Hospital of First Aid functions. The Clinical Hospital is the largest stationary children’s medical institution of Armenia. Annually it accepts about 5000 patients with the most various pathology aged till 18 years.

The hospital for children and adults of Sourb Astvatsamayr Medical Center is a multifunctional hospital that has specialized departments of both therapy (department of a new-born pathology, general pediatrics, of gastroenterology, children’s neurology, therapy and neurology, reanimation and intensive care), and surgery (department of children’s neurosurgery, traumatology and orthopedy, children’s general surgery, general surgery, thoracal surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, neonatal surgery, endoscopic surgery, ENT, anesthesiology, reanimation and intensive care.). Besides, the hospital possesses considerable diagnostic potential, having clinical, bacteriological, biochemical, immunochemical laboratories; and also ultrasonic (duplex, triplex), X-ray diagnostics, and computer tomography. Besides, Moreover, “Sourb Astvatsamayr” MC is the clinical base for the chairs of pediatrics and pediatric surgery, neurology of YSMU, as well as for the chairs of neurology and neurosurgery, ENT-diseases of the National Institute of Healthcare. The Republican Center of Gastroenterology and the City Pulmonology Center as well function on the base of the Medical Center.

In 2003, due to the grant of the Japanese government, the Center was re-equipped with modern devices: digital analyzers, newest sonograph, monitoring systems for patients’ follow-up, endovision systems for endoscopic operations. The latter one made available endoscopic operations.

Besides, the Medical Center “Surb Astvatsamajr” continues to co-operate actively with the foreign organisations and people, many of which repeatedly supported the hospital.

Since October 2005 under the aegis of the World Bank a program has started on the reconstruction and subsidiary equipment of the hospital, improvement of the management and quality of medical aid.

Specialists of the Medical Center participate in national and international conferences and work-shops taking place in Armenia and outside the country. They have numerous publications in home and foreign scientific periodical press. The Center takes pride in the monograph on craniocerebral injuries of children written on the basis of summarizing the long-term experience of the hospital. It comprises a lot of recommendations and provides invaluable help to many children’s neurosurgeons of the republic in their work, as well as students and interns.


  • Reception,
  • Branch of the general pediatrics,
  • Branch of children’s gastroenterology,
  • Branch of children’s neurology,
  • Therapy and neurology branch,
  • Branch of resuscitation and intensive therapy,
  • Branch of children’s neurosurgery,
  • Traumatology and orthopedy branch,
  • Branch of children’s surgery, including neonatal surgery,
  • Branch children’s thoracal surgeries,
  • Branch of children’s maxillofacial surgery,
  • Branch endoscopic surgeries,
  • ENT,
  • Branch of the general surgery,
  • Branch of anesthesiology and operating block,
  • The diagnostic block (clinical, bacteriological, biochemical, immunochemical laboratories; ultrasonic (duplex, triplex), radiological (including a computer tomography), endoscopic (esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, hysteroscopy) diagnostics.


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