The house museum of the Armenian great poet Avetik Isahakian is on the nice-looking and peaceful Zarobian street parallel to Baghramian Avenue. The last ten years of his life he lived in this house.

After his death in 1958, in reference to 1st May 67-P decision of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR, Avetik Isahakian’s house was changed into his house museum with the purpose to immortalize the name of the eminent Armenian poet.

The main function of the house museum of Avetik Isahakian is to protect and pass to further generations the sacred relics and material evidences connected with the name of the great poet and bear the sign of his creative hand. He is not present under this roof only physically. His luminous spirit is here forever, in this house, and as an everlasting companion is always with his people.
The activities of the house museum are: the maintenance, accounting and investigation of the museum collection, as well as, informing the public about the literary inheritance of Isahakian with the help of the permanent exposition and exhibitions, various events and lectures.

Today the memorial museum of Avetik Isahakian is one of the well-known cultural centers in the capital where thousands of Armenians and foreigners come to visit. Various interesting events: scientific readings, literary-musical events, disputes, presentations of books, open lessons, concerts, temporary exhibitions, meetings with eminent people of science and culture are always organized in the museum. In the last years, it has become a tradition to organize, in the poet’s house, the symbolic ceremony of accepting the first-grade pupils of the school named after Avetik Isahakian among the followers of Isahakian and at the end of the school year, the pupils of the top classes receive their school-leaving certificates here as well.
Every year in May, the museum actively takes part in the international action of “Museum Night”, the initiative of the museums of France, within the framework of which various events and exhibitions are held in the memorial museum. A large number of visitors of various age and profession take part in these events and the ordinary day for them is changed into a holiday and remains in their memory forever.


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