The positive effect of hydromassage և massage on the body of children has been proven. After that, children sleep better, eat better, relax their nerves, regulate the gastrointestinal tract. Massages promote the proper development of children. Taking advantage of this circumstance, as well as studying the successful experience of pediatric massage centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Georgia, we decided to apply it in Armenia as well. “Baby SPA” is the first “the only children’s hydromassage և specialized massage center in Armenia. Before “Baby SPA”The opening of the center, we have been collecting professional information for months about what a children’s spa is, we have consulted with foreign specialists with extensive experience in this field, in the correct construction of the center, the necessary equipment, materials, as well as the selection of specialists. We opened the SPA center. “Baby SPA”specializes in two main areas: hydromassage and general massage. The center has all the comfortable conditions for proper hydromassage and general massage. Specially selected pools, hydromassage devices, general massage oils are purchased from well-known foreign specialized brands. The pools are selected in accordance with international standards. The services of our center can be used by children aged 0-6. Massages are performed by experienced kinesiologists. The experienced specialists and high-quality massages of “Baby SPA” children’s hydromassage-massage center will help to fill your child’s day with joy, will give him health and sweet sleep.


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